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The history of HLF reaches back into the early 70’s when Jim Downey started a boutique focused firm with a goal and mission of exemplary client service.   The second generation of this firm began in 2006 bringing forth the resources gathered through decades of business representation.

Since the beginning the firm has grown and adapted to the rapidly changing services environment we find ourselves in today.  The flexibility and nimble nature of our founders has allowed The Hop Law Firm to carry forward this enduring commitment to client services.

Today, The Hopp Law Firm operates offices in Colorado.

Robert Hopp has over 2 decades of experience representing businesses and their families.  Please contact us to see if we can assist you in any way.

Robert J. Hopp



Our Mission

Our mission at Hopp Law Firm is to provide exemplary customer service and attention to the individual needs of our clients.  Our hands on approach brings our attorneys directly to the forefront of our collection and recovery efforts.  Whether it is negotiating a settlement or pursuing aggressive litigation we are there to advocate for our clients and their rights to recovery.